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Explore some of our high quality, cost effective, reliable and easy-to-use applications that we built for our clients to solve their complex business problems.

Ten Fold Education Application Screenshots

Ten Fold Education

South Africa’s first Mobile based learning application for High School learners. It helps them excel in academics while engaging them in a fun and interactive way.


Python, Django, Postgres , Ansible, Js, Mathjax, Java, Kotlin, Retrofit, Dagger, Swift, Objective C

Mercedes Benz Application Screenshots

Mercedes Benz

Hybrid mobile application which helps dealers to take superior pictures of used cars. It’s an easy to use and intuitive mobile app which allows dealers to standardize the process of taking pictures.


Python, Django, Postgres , Ansible, Js, Unity3D

Galactica Application Screenshots


A platform that offers Cutting-Edge, Powerful AI Algorithms to generate actionable insights From Satellite and UAV Data. The geospatial analytics helps to identify various objects like Plane, Large Vehicles, Military Vehicles, etc, from the Satellite images.


ReactJS, Redux, SCSS, Flask, Redis, Celery, Netlify, Docker, Webpack, NPM, Yarn

DBE cloud Application Screenshots

DBE Cloud

Integration of learning videos with CLOX device which helps store all the data without servers for offline video streaming. CLOX can be used with TV’s, Projectors, Mobile Devices and Desktop Computers.


Python, Django, Postgres , Ansible, Js, Flask, HLS

Medly Pharmacy Application Screenshots

Medly Pharmacy

With an experience of over 30 years in the US Healthcare Industry, Medly provides SaaS products that cater to the Healthcare domain and also provides a free same-day prescription delivery to their patients. The application uses encrypted internal systems to track orders, drug storage, and delivery in real-time.


Kotlin, ReactJS, Redux, Saga, React Testing Library, Styled Components, NodeJS, Python, Elastic Beanstalk, Aurora Serverless (Postgress), Docker, AWS Lambda, TravisCI, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, Terraform, Cypress, ROR, Swift

Gbas Gbos Application Screenshots

Gbas Gbos

This is a Match 3 Fruit Crush Game that aims to not only entertain but also educate people around the world about the beauties of the fruit types found only in African countries. The rich terrains, landmarks, and people of Africa are richly established in the game-play and GUI of this game app. Invite and challenge your friends in a private game room and the winner takes it all.


Unity3d Game Engine, CakePHP, Terraform, AWS

Lodgistics Application Screenshots


Lodgistics is a hotel management application helping hotels manage their properties, staffs and guests in one place. The web and mobile application gives an easy-to-use interface where a staff member can see staff records, guest details, hotel logs, work orders and many other details.


Ruby, Ruby on rails, ReactJS, JavaScript, Redux, Material UI, Redis, Sidekiq, Postgresql, HTML

Effipac Application Screenshots


EFFIPAC is a professional system that purchases, organizes, and delivers prescribed medicines. The application efficiently manages patient information, prescriptions, and batch calculations. Medications are meticulously sorted and packed in labeled pouches according to dosage and time slots, ensuring precision and minimizing errors. EFFIPAC offers a convenient and secure solution for personalized medicine packaging.


Python, Django, SQLite, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

GeoSpoc-GeoCoder Application Screenshots

GeoSpoc - GeoCoder

A highly performant offline geocoding engine to transform messy addresses into sub-components like street names, locality names, pin codes etc. for hierarchical component matching and finding the Latitude - Longitude using GeoSpoc's extensively verified home-brewed database. This geocoding engine can process 20 million records per hour using batch mode and has submillisecond latency for REST APIs.


Golang, MemDB, License Manager, Customized Algorithms, Docker, JMeter

Hisense - Mindset TV App Application Screenshots

Hisense - Mindset TV App

A built-in learning application for Hisense TV which offers students of various grades to access 1000+ courses across 10+ areas/fields. The app has an exclusive list of educational activities and material that is designed by experts according to the various stages and levels of your child’s development.


Python, Django, Postgres, ReactJS, AWS

Dealsafe Application Screenshots


India's first platform to build trust between transacting entities for a service. An application that would facilitate trade and commerce between buyers and sellers by providing a safe platform for their secure and guaranteed payment transactions for the promised goods and services.


Python, Django, REST and GraphQL API, ReactJS, AWS, Postgres, Docker, Flutter

TempTaker Application Screenshots


Kiosk TempTaker is a non-contact temperature screening device that can be used in malls, schools, offices, etc. People can simply approach the device for a quick temperature reading and your estimated body temperature will be reported within two seconds. If an elevated temperature is detected then the Authorized person would be notified via text and email. Notifications contain images of a person with elevated temperature, location, date, and time.


Python, Django, Postgres, ReactJS, Docker

Mindset Application Screenshots


An online learning application for tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses along with a CMS panel for admin to create and integrate course materials, align content and assessments, articulate learning goals and track studying progress.


Python, Django, Postgres , Ansible, Js, Flask, HLS

Smart Quest Application Screenshots

Smart Quest

SmartQuest reinforces training / learning with the help of micro-content like Quizzes, Reference Lists, Lessons, News Feed. It helps in staying up-to-date with the latest news & events in your company and sector. SmartQuest also facilitates First Line Managers to regularly rate their Sales reps on selling parameters on a consistent framework using Manager Feedback.


Vue.js, JavaScript, Webpack, Material Design, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails

SustainOnline Application Screenshots


An application having curated content for a smooth learning journey through hundreds of courses based on 30 years of experience and scientific research. This SaaS platform with SSO was migrated from Baremetal Servers to AWS cloud and also integrated with OpenEdx LMS.


RoR, Ruby, ReactJS, AWS, OpenEdx, MongoDB

HelpfulCrowd Application Screenshots


Heroku to AWS migration of a product review application that collects a ton of product reviews to leverage SEO and boost sales. Setting up CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI and autoscaling infrastructure to optimize the monthly AWS bills.


ROR, Postgress, Sidekiq, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Elastic Cache (Redis), AWS SNS, Aurora Serverless (Postgress)

MyVaccine Application Screenshots


A mobile-based offline application that creates a Digital pass for the vaccination record that can be used at various public places to grant access to its users. It not only scans user's vaccination information but also provides a platform for them to record their side effects and sends them reminders when their second vaccination is due. Along with these wide ranges of particularly prominent and peculiar principal features, MyVaccine also stores the user's Vaccination information securely on the user's phone.


React Native

Nurturev Application Screenshots


Nurturev is an AI powered customer intelligence platform which analyses your communications with customers to give detailed information helping improve customer intent. Using Slack integration, it adds a bot to your workspace for AI analysis of data, sentiment, and customer engagement in channels.


Python, AWS, Supabase, NextJS, MaterialUI, Typescript

MyVaccine Application Screenshots


Noobstorm is a platform for gamers in India to play different EA sports games, stay updated with the latest news of EA sports, track the progress on leaderboards and connect with players on social media. Noobstorm offers players to play tournaments and win and go up on the leaderboard.


Next JS, React, Supabase, Vercel

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