The Power of Employee Engagement - “Driving Success and Building a Thriving Workplace”

Twinkle Dahiya

Many organizations have often seen a decline in full-time employees’ job performance, an increase in the level of detachment among workers, and more. Employee engagement helps in rectifying those problems as it refers to the emotional connection and level of commitment employees have towards their work, their organizations, and their goals. In Scalereal, we try to connect what employees do to what they care about. We prioritize employee engagement, actively invest in understanding their needs, providing opportunities for growth, and cultivating a positive work environment.

The Employee Engagement Checklist we believe and follow in our company,

  1. Trying to evolve and develop the company’s mission to connect with employees’ values.
  2. Encouraging work-life balance and offering flexible work arrangements.
  3. Having a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations.
  4. Building a nest of strong and supportive leadership.
  5. Providing opportunities for professional development and career advancement within the organization.
  6. Prioritizing the employees’ physical and mental well-being.
  7. Implementing formal recognition programs and reinforcing desired behaviors.
  8. Having their opinions heard and considered at work.
  9. Regularly communicating about organizational goals, updates, and changes via various channels such as town hall meetings, newsletters, and digital platforms to ensure everyone is informed.
  10. Offering wellness programs, access to mental health resources, and facilities that promote physical well-being.

By implementing the strategies mentioned, businesses can create a thriving workplace that attracts and retains top talent, fosters innovation, and achieves sustainable success in an ever-competitive market. Employees go above and beyond their job requirements, resulting in higher productivity, improved performance, and increased job satisfaction. According to various surveys, employee engagement activities have had the following outcomes-

1. Increased Productivity:

Engaged employees are more focused, motivated, and committed to their work, leading to higher productivity levels.

2. Enhanced Job Satisfaction:

When employees feel engaged, they are more satisfied with their roles, leading to higher retention rates.

3. Improved Team Collaboration:

Employee engagement fosters a sense of unity, improving teamwork and collaboration among employee

4. Higher Employee Retention:

Engaged employees are less likely to leave the organization.

5. Better Client Experience:

Engaged employees provide better quality of work leading to improved client satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Innovation and Creativity:

Engagement encourages employees to think creatively and contribute innovative ideas to the organization.

7. Positive Organizational Culture:

An engaged workforce contributes to a positive and productive organizational culture that attracts top talent.

8. Higher Profitability:

Companies with engaged employees often experience better financial performance and profitability.


Employee engagement is a multifaceted approach involving various methods and requirements. We have effectively implemented such activities which have led Scalereal to achieve positive outcomes that benefit both employees and the organization as a whole.